Decisions concerning authorization of Higher/General/Vocational Education Institutions and accreditation of Higher Educational Programs are made by the Authorization/Accreditation Councils. The members of Authorization/Accreditation/Appeal Councils are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister of Georgia. To select the candidates for membership of the Authorization Councils , nominated through to the conditions under the Selection Rule, the Commission/Commissions shall be established by the order of the Director of the NCEQE. The authority of Authorization/Accreditation/Appeal Councils is 1 year.


The members of the Authorization/Accreditation/Appeal Councils cannot be public servants, except the invited members of the Authorization and Accreditation Councils. The terms of reference and the authority of the Authorization/Accreditation/Appeal Councils is determined by the authorization/accreditation charters, which guarantees their functional independence from the Education Institutions and Governmental Bodies.

Rule on the selection of the candidates for General, Vocational, Higher Education Institutions Authorization, Educational Programs Accreditation and Appeals Councils’ membership

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