International Projects

Project- “Promoting Internationalization and Comparability of Quality Assurance in Higher Education” (PICQA)

In July 2010 implementation of the project “Promoting Internationalization and Comparability of Quality Assurance in Higher Education” (PICQA) under the TEMPUS program (European Union cooperation scheme for Higher Education) was launched. The aim of the project is to support enhancement of quality assurance models in Georgia and Armenia and bring closer to the EU standards. Participants of a three year project are: Georgia, Armenia, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.
Regional Coordinators of the project are: LEPL – National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) in Georgia, National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance (ANQA) in Armenia, International Center for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) in France, University of Alicante – UA, Quality Assurance Netherlands Universities (QANU) – the Netherlands, and Accreditation Agency ASIIN in Germany.
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New initiative on “VET Curriculum Development in Georgia” of European Training Foundation  (ETF)

NCEQE cooperates with ETF  within the frame of a new initiative – “VET Curriculum Development in Georgia,” which will continue through 2012.  The aim of the initiative is to increase capacity of stakeholders in vocational education programme development and implementation, in order to ensure the quality of vocational education programmes and relevance of expected learning outcomes of the programme with the labour market demands.
Projected Outcomes of the initiative:
Develop renewed approaches and methodology to create vocational education programmes with regard to selected specialisations (electrical engineering, accounting)and generaliastion of the methodology regarding Occupational Standards and National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Sector Policy Support Programme: Support for the Vocational Education and Training Sector of Georgia

NCEQE cooperates with the European Commission within the frame of Sector Policy Support Programme (SPSP) in Vocational Education.NCEQE is actively involved in implementation of activities within the frame  of SPSP (improved management of vocational colleges, quality assurance, qualifications system, curriculum development, occupational standards). NCEQE also participates in provision of information to the EU monitoring mission and a Review Team.

Cooperation with World Bank

With support of the World Bank NCEQE implements visits with international peers of accreditation. The key task of international peers is to observe existing accreditation and authorization procedures, share international experience and provide recommendations.

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